Jennie et Daniel, naissance d’Auguste

«  I cannot express enough my gratitude !  Anne was an amazing source of support — in helping navigate the healthcare system (which was new to me, as I am American), guiding me through all of the phases of pregnancy, helping me anticipate and feel prepared for the « jour J, » in addition to lending support and coaching to my husband and me in the early days as new parents. 
Though I haven’t experienced a birth with Anne (the hospital where I delivered only allowed 1 person in the L&D room), she is absolutely someone I would want by my side if I were allowed. Anne is armed with a wealth of knowledge, both from her experience in the field, as well as from her own experiences as a mother, but her most valuable quality is her nurturing and calming personality.  She is incredibly talented at making you feel comfortable and heard by listening to your needs, concerns, and desires.  It is without any hesitation that I recommend Naissanciel ! » (Jennie A.)


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