We give our pre and postnatal support in Paris and suburbs

We support all parents, according to their choices and convictions.

Our support is global, tailor-made and aims at offering you an attentive and professional understanding, as well as practical suggestions. Our support will allow you to better plan and live your pregnancy and the birth of your child at the fullest.
As your child grows older, his/her needs evolve. Naissanciel continues to offer you support to fully apprehend every stage of early childhood, for the benefit of the whole family.

Few hours together

For  occasional needs, for busy moms or difficult moments, simply to make an original and useful birth gift

50 euros / 1 hour

Support during one or two months

For future parents willing take their time, for moms needing a tailor-made birth support, for those parents feeling isolated

300 euros /8 hours

Comprehensive support before and after birth

For those willing to be accompanied in the long term, before and after delivery, to be stage of their pregnancyfrom the birth and the first months of baby

650 euros /18 hours

Between each meeting, we stay in contact by email and phone.

All our offers are flexible according to your needs.
Contact us for more information.

Anne Belargent

Sophro relaxation
Baby care

Your doula in Paris

You will benefit of my knowledge and my experience in order to fully enjoy your pregnancy and your delivery. I will take care of you, as a woman, in a respectful and tactful way. With the agreement of the medical team, I can accompany you on the day of delivery, to support you again and again. I could support fathers, so that they may find their own place and being involved.

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Géraldine Hua

Needs of newborn
Free motricity
Baby development
Organization of space

A tailor-made perinatal support

You will benefit of my 20 years’ experience with parents to support your new context. Whether for a boost after birth or for longer-term support, I will share with you my knowledge concerning the needs of your baby and my suggestions to better meet them, according to your family reality and your wishes. I will be present in case of tough moments (fatigue and need to relax) to facilitate your daily life.

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